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  • Blk 1 Lot 11 Pinama Townhomes, Habay 1

About Us

How we start...

After we acquired a commercial unit near Casimiro Baytown we aimed to open up a Laundry Business. But due to Financial set backs we have to move the plan to 2nd quarter of 2019. Since we are really passionate that we want to open up a Laundry business, what we did was we just made a simple announcement by placing a small tarpaulin in our commercial unit.

The first quarter of 2019 is the most challenging period, because this is the time where we look for a reliable Machine distributor and it took us 1 month. We do also attend Laundry seminars to make sure that all of our staff are well trained and are capable of cleaning all the clothes in a proper way.

Opening Day

It was June 9, 2019 where we Open Laba 360 to the Public, it was the grandest day in our lives as we can finally share to the public our knowledge and expertise in Laundry. The community welcomed us and we are very thrilled and happy that the community of Habay 1 and Daang Bukid supports us.

Our Mission

  • We want to make sure that each and every Laundry will be cleaned, and stains will be properly treated.
  • We want to create harmonious relationship to the community by showing the proper way of doing Laundry.